Infrastructural Developments

           CEI has been actively supporting various infrastructural developments of UUC since its inception.  In particular, with support
           from CEI, two students' hostels were constructed (one each for male and female students, respectively known as the Glasgow
               Bonnypack Students Hostel
and Dr Tayyeb Hussain Bidushi Nibash).
        Also, CEI helped to start the construction of  the UUC Library Building known as the Guru Nanak Building, and also that of
    the Science Labs known as the CIDA Science Building. The UUC Library has benefitted greatly from books donated generously
       by many friends and colleagues in Scotland, especially from the Universities of Strathclyde and Glasgow.  Indeed, the UUC Library
has been greatly enriched with regular book-shipments from Scotland. For the last three years, CEI  has also been supporting
the construction of the UUC Auditorium-cum-Exams Hall which, though now operational, is needing to be fully completed.
Sponsored by
Ines & Rainier