Kakina Rural Health Centre (KRHC)

          Since its inception in 2003, KRHC has been supporting the poor patients, often with one or two part-time medical doctors but, unfortunately, in the absence of any full-time staff, for a long time the services provided remained highly limited.  However, since November 2013, KRHC has a full-time Medical Doctor, thanks to salary-support kindly provided by ASA Bangladesh, a renowned NGO of the country.  ASA  has also been  kindly providing medicines (worth around Taka twenty thousand per month, to be given to the poor patients at subsidized prices).  A part-time Medical doctor has also been working at KRHC (with support from CEI).

Originally, KRHC started working in a rented-type building, located in a busy market place at Kakina Bazaar.  The building was owned by a former Mayor of Kakina,  Mr Kahbir Uddin (popularly known as Khabir Chairman) who, until his death in 2008, remained a dedicated Volunteer of CEI, and did not charge any rent.  The original arrangement remained operational for five years, i.e. even after his death.  However, with support from CEI, a building was constructed in a nearby location on a plot of land owned by KRHC.  So, it was possible for the Clinic to move to this newly constructed building in November, 2013.  Originally, there was some apprehension whether it was going to be a right move, especially as the new building's location was somewhat remote; fortunately, the concerns were unfounded.  Indeed, the Clinic at the new building has turned out to be popular with the patients.   In particular, the female patients have found it an attractive location.


It may be mentioned that KRHC was established mainly to compensate for the deficiency of health facilities in the locality. In Lalmonirhat district (where the KRCH is located), medical expenditures incurred by the Government are negligible.  Indeed, there are hardly any qualified medical doctors working in the villages.
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