Kakina Rural Health Centre (KRHC) (Cont.)

Thus, KRHC has been helping especially the poor patients of the locality with regular day-time surgeries, besides it has also been running regular Health camps at various key locations.  Moreover, a number of specific health programmes including the following have been implemented.

1. Filariasis
2. Goitre
3. Cleft-Lip
4. Eye diseases

Filaria (the hydrocele) is a common debilitating infection in this area caused by the filarial parasite, introduced by a mosquito bite. It is characterized by swollen testicles which can even prevent the sufferer from wearing trousers or riding a bicycle, affecting their ability to work. Patients suffering from goitre (caused by an overactive thyroid/ hyperthyroidism) suffer from swelling in the neck (just below the Adam's apple or larynx) and bulging eyes. Both diseases can be controlled. However, there is a notion that once a person gets this disease, it is non-reversible, although in the case of filaria this idea is now being seriously challenged.  KRHC is committed to helping to reduce the occurrence of the disease, by educating the people to avoid being bitten by the mosquitos, and if they are bitten, treat them with available medicines. KRHC is also now keen to having their mini Diagnostic/Pathology Centre  operational soon, thus providing at least some basic medical tests for the impoverished patients.

Ambulance for Poor Patients.  With support from CEI, KRHC is also now planning to get an Ambulance for helping the poor patients urgently needing transport support, especially the vulnerable pregnant women.   Indeed, such an Ambulance is greatly needed as these patients have no other means of transport to take them to the nearby hospitals/clinics.

List of Doctors and Supporting Staffs at KRHC



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