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UttarBangla University College (UUC)


Also known as Uttar Bangla College (UBC), it  is the major CEI-supported project. Poverty and lack of educational opportunities go hand in hand. In equipping the young people, CEI has been actively trying to tackle the very roots of poverty.

Currently over 180 teachers (including 68 newly appointed ones) and more than five thousand students are studying in various courses at UUC. All the three major disciplines (Humanities, Science and Business Studies) are taught at HSC (A-level equiv.) and Degree courses. A recent major achievement of the institution has been the introduction of Honours teaching in twelve subjects (Accounting, Bangla, Economics, English, History, Islamic History & Culture, Management, Marketing,  Philosophy,  Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology). This should prove particularly helpful to the students (especially female students) of this poverty-stricken part of the country who are finding it extremely difficult to gain the necessary education and skill for accessing jobs.

In the late 1990s, CEI  helped to implement an “International Youth Exchange Programme” between Scotland and Bangladesh, under which a 12-member team from Scotland visited UBC in 1998 and the next year, a return visit to Scotland was made by a 12-member team from UBC.Back To Main Projects

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As has been observed by the Principal of UBC, Professor Monowarul Islam:

Our main aim is to help UBC establish itself as a model educational institution offering quality quality teaching in a range of disciplines, thus helping especially the students of this poverty-stricken locality.

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