Orphans' Welfare and Poverty Alleviation (OWPA)

Orphans' Welfare and Poverty Alleviation (OWPA)



The following are the main components of the ALPA project.

  • Adult Literacy
  • Self-employment & Poverty Alleviation
  • Environment Development,
  • Fisheries Development and Employment-Income Generation
  • Direct help for the poor (with help, e.g., in cash donations and the supply of warm clothes).

Adult Literacy: A total of 45 centers were completed (under Phase Nos. 1 to 9): 20 female and 25 male centres. Since the start of the Adult Literacy programme (in 2003), over 2,000 adult male and female participants have been trained, with the help of 75 volunteer-trainers in 70 centers in three Upazilas (Kaligonj, Aditmari and Gongachora).

The Self-employment & Poverty Alleviation part of the programme is registered with the Co-operative Societies Association, the Youth Development Department (Yuba Unnayan Adidaptor) and the Department of Social Service (Shamaj Sheba Adidaptor,  Reg No. Kali/Lal/ 265/08, Date-11/06/08).  Besides the distribution of Cows (six), rickshaws and vans (three) and sewing machines (six), the project was actively involved until recently in providing micro-credit which has benefited over 200 families. Half of those receiving micro-credit have been female members.                     


The direct help part of the programme is a relatively new initiative of the ALPA project, a natural development given the acute poverty that exits in the locality (which, as already mentioned, used to suffer regularly from "monga", a type of seasonal famine during the months of September and October), thus necessitating cash donations and help in kind (e.g. with warm clothing).

The Orphans' Welfare Project:

With help from two of our kind donors, Dr Sharif  Zubair and Mr Tahir Shuaipaj, we have been implementing an Orphans' Welfare Project, under which a large number of poor and vulnerable orphans have been receiving financial help since 2012. Indeed, this project has come as a lifeline for many of these vulnerable orphans, especially  thanks to the Dr Sharif  Zubair Orphans' Welfare Program, for the last two years we have been able to distribute such funds twice a year. This progrmame is being regularly monitored by a team with Mr Majedul Islam (Manager of KRHC) working as the main Co-ordinator.