Teaching and Research Volunteers

CEI’s volunteer programme began in 2002. The volunteers were Ms Sallie Buchanan and Dr Gill Scharer (2002), Ms Mary Gilles and Ms Norma Smith (2005),  Ms Liz Kristiansen (2008), Miss Helen Mostyn and Mr Thomas Scurfield (2011) and Mr Hugh Reilly (2013). 


Then, with support from the Scottish Government's Small Grants Programme, a successful three-year Scottish Volunteer Teaching Programme (2014-17) was undertaken.  Fourteen Scottish volunteers took part, helping to improve ICT skills and English language proficiency of UUC staff members and students, directed by Ms Irene Graham, a Trustee of CEI. 

Volunteer Teachers (who visited UUC during 2014-17)



Irene Graham*

Project Director

English & ICT Teacher

Julie Gibson (Jun-Jul 2014)

ICT Teacher

Irene Graham (Jun-Jul 2014)

English Teacher

Carla Sayer (Sep-Nov 2014)

English Teacher

Elaine Bryceland (Sep-Nov 2014)

ICT Teacher

Amish Amin (Jan-Mar 2015)

ICT Teacher

Cathy Crawford (Jan-Mar 2015)

English Teacher

Irene Graham (May-Jun 2015)

ICT Teacher

Michael Caldwell (May-Jun 2015)

English Teacher

Amish Amin (Sep-Oct 2015)

ICT Teacher

Brenda Wearmouth (Oct-Nov 2015)

English Teacher

Lea-Rae Rodwell (Oct-Nov 2015)

ICT Teacher

Irene Graham (Jan-Mar 2016)

English & ICT Teacher

Cathy Crawford (May- June 2016)

English Teacher

Irene Graham (May- June 2016)

ICT Teacher

Ishrat Gazala (Oct-Nov 2016)

English Teacher

Irene Graham (Oct-Nov 2016)

ICT Teacher

David Kenvyn (Oct-Nov 2016)

Senior Librarian

Tom Malone ( Jan- March 2017)

ICT Teacher

Irene Graham (Jan- March 2017)

English Teacher

Cathie Way (Jan- March 2017)

Leadership Trainer

Martin Graham ( Feb 2017)

Film Maker

*Note:  During the three-year teaching programme, Irene Graham made a total of 10 visits delivering the teaching programmes and/or directing the activities in her capacity as the Director of this project.


Follow Up Teacher-in Residence Programme

As a follow up to the above, a "Volunteer Teacher-in-Residence" programme was established which aims to provide an annual three month residency. To date there have been three residencies with a fourth underway. Irene Graham has undertaken three of these and Cathy Crawford one.

Volunteers in the USA, Germany and Australia

USA: Mr.Waliul Hafiz and Mrs. ShamseAra Hafiz have been two of our dedicated  volunteers in the USA (based in Bolingbrook, Illinois). Their fund-raising initiatives and support, especially for helping the vulnerable people (with assistance in cash and kind),has been extremely helpful in attacking poverty head on. They have been actively operating the US branch of CEI, with Mr.Waliul Hafiz serving in a voluntary capacity as its President.


Volunteers in Germany and Australia

Mrs.Tahmina Huq (Nargis), based in Berlin, Germany

Md. Jahid Faruki [Active CEI volunteer, based in Melbourne, Australia (previously in Malaysia)]


Sincere Thanks and Gratitude:

Many other individuals have also generously given their help and support, and we at CEI would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of them.


Volunteering Opportunity 

If you would like to volunteer as a visiting teacher of English or ICT,  or as a researcher with an interest in monitoring and evaluation, please submit your CV to contact@ceiuk.org or email m.m.huq@strath.ac.uk