The Heritage Education Project -2015

The Heritage Project 2015

This was the second community project initiated by Charity Education International (CEI), focusing on raising awareness of the rich Bangla heritage.  In particular, the emphasis was on the teaching of Bengali history, traditions, cookery, health and yoga, dance and drama to both Bangladeshi children and adults, and other community members in Scotland.


As in our CEP, a core component of this project is the involvement of a large number of volunteers who were keen to take the various activities forward. Managed by a dedicated Committee, led by Lima Mustapha and Aladin Ali.


The climax of this special project was a grand celebration of the Bangla and world cultures, held on 21 March 2015 at Clarkston Hall (Clarkston, Glasgow G79 8NE).


CEI would like to thank Celebrate It for making this project possible, by supporting it financially.