Charity Education International: Since its establishment, CEI has been actively working mainly in northern Bangladesh, in a remote part which until recently used to suffer from seasonal famines, widely known as the 'Monga', often causing days of starvation of the vulnerable people.

About us

CEI aims to work for the benefit of the poor and the underprivileged, providing opportunities for educational advancement, support for health and education and also the relief of poverty, and in furtherance thereof:


·       To implement appropriate selected education programmes and projects;

·         To promote greater awareness of the importance of education;

·         To assist in skill development through education and training;

·         To promote hygiene and sanitation, and provide medical help and support health  education; and

·         To help in promoting poverty alleviation.


Since its establishment, CEI has been actively working in a remote part of Northern Bangladesh which until recently used to suffer regularly from a type of seasonal famine widely known as the ‘Monga’, often causing days of starvation of the vulnerable people.


In particular, CEI has been supporting various development activities at UttarBangla University College (UUC) which has been helping especially the poor and the needy with educational advancement and skill improvement. Two other projects which CEI has also been supporting are Kakina Rural Health Centre (KRHC) and the Orphans' Welfare and Poverty Alleviation (OWPA) programme. All these three projects are located in northern Bangladesh (at Kakina in Lalmonirhat district).



Trustees of CEI (Glasgow)

The activities of CEI are carried out by a core group who form the Board Members of the organisation.

 Office Bearers:

Honorary President: Dr. Malcolm Green (Trustee)
Chairman: Dr. Mozammel Huq (Trustee)
Vice Chairman: Dr. Rose Mary Harley, OBE (Trustee)
Treasurer: Dr. Helen Cargill Thompson (Trustee)


Other Trustees:

Ms. Aladin Ali (Trustee)

Ms. Irene Graham (Trustee)

Mrs. Kumkum Huq (Trustee)

Mr. Tariq Jaman (Trustee)

Ms. Liz Kristiansen (Trustee)




Mr. Amish Amin

Mr. Gurmail Singh Dhami

Ms. Annie Howie


 Volunteer Teaching Support

This is shown in some detail separately under “International Programmes and Links”.

Office Administration & Fund-raising

Since its inception, CEI has been depending heavily on volunteer support for its office administration and fund-raising, with occasional involvement of part-time paid employees.

For over a ten-year period from the late 1990s, Mr George Rawlinson greatly helped in establishing the Charityand also taking an active part in its office administration in the capacity of the founder Secretary of CEI.

For over a number of years during 2002-2008 (approx.), Mr Peter Morrison kindly served (in a voluntary capacity) as the Education Development Officer of CEI and, thanks to his help and support, two highly successful volunteer teaching visits to Uttar Bangla College took place, each visit for about a two-month period: by Ms Sallie Buchanan and Dr Gill Scharer (2002); and  Ms Mary Gilles and Ms Norma Smith (2005).

CEI is  also very grateful to a number of volunteers including the following  for supporting CEI’s office administration and/or fund–raising especially during 2008-2013 (each working for brief periods):


Miss Elaine Bryceland 

Miss Julie Gibson

Ms Nishat Hyder

Ms Christina Laybourn 

Mrs. Onyinye Ough

Mr. Drew Ritchie (actively helped in resource mobilisation from 2009-2011).


Over the last few years, Miss Molly Huq in Glasgow (UK) and Mr Zainal Abedin in Kakina (Bangladesh) have been greatly helping CEI (as volunteers) mainly with office administration and also providing help with website development/maintenance.

Volunteers in the USA, Germany and Australia

USA: Mr.Waliul Hafiz and Mrs. ShamseAra Hafiz have been two of our dedicated  volunteers in the USA (based in Bolingbrook, Illinois). Their fund-raising initiatives and support, especially for helping the vulnerable people (with assistance in cash and kind),has been extremely helpful inattacking poverty head on. They have been actively operating the US branch of CEI, with Mr.Waliul Hafiz serving in a voluntary capacity as its President. 

Charity Education International (USA): Core Committee

 Mr. Waliul Hafiz (President)

Mrs. Shamse Ara Hafiz
Mrs. Tahmina Rahman

Volunteers in Germany and Australia

Mrs.Tahmina Huq (Nargis), based in Berlin, Germany
Md. Jahid Faruki [Active CEI volunteer, based in Melbourne, Australia (previously in Malaysia)]

Sincere Thanks and Gratitude:

Many other individuals have also generously given their help and support, and we at CEI would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of them.


International Projects

Since its inception, CEI has been actively helping various developments at UttarBangla University College (UUC) especially given our key focus on educational advancement of the people in general and the female and the poor students in particular.  Our aim to help the poor people suffering from poverty has also greatly motivated us to support the Kakina Rural Health Centre (KRHC) and the Orphans' Welfare and Poverty Alleviation (OWPA) programme – two other projects which CEI has also been actively supporting.

UK Projects

In an attempt to strengthen its close link especially with the wider ethnic minority community in Scotland, CEI has helped to implement the following two local projects (listed below).

All Projects